Construction Lasers

Work confidently with the Rugby Series Construction Lasers - self-leveling for jobs of any size, large or small. The Leica Rugby has the features you need to get the job done.

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Leica Piper Series Pipe Lasers

The Leica Piper series of pipe lasers are perfect for: storm and sanitary sewer construction, gravity flow pipe line and anywhere grade and line are required with a single beam. Choose from the Piper 100 or the Piper 200 with Alignmaster.

Powerful and compact, the Leica Piper is the only pipe laser that fits inside a 100 mm (four inch) pipe. It is built with solid cast-aluminum housings, and is loaded with features that will improve productivity and minimize downtime on the jobsite.

construction laser

Leica Roteo Interior Series Lasers

Leica Roteo rotating lasers are truly multi-talented performers. Whether on ceilings or walls, on the floor or on a tripod - they allow you to work precisely on many indoor and outdoor tasks in which leveling or aligning is required.

The excellent visibility and high accuracy of the rotating laser dot are important quality features for our customers. Along with Power Range Technologyâ„¢, they make the Leica Roteo family stand out from the rest.

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Leica Rugby 320 - 410 - 420 Lasers

Making the grade is what the Leica Rugby is all about. Whether your work requires level, single or dual grades and high accuracy over a long distance range, the Leica Rugby's extensive features will ensure both material and labor savings, keeping you on target to increase your bottom line.

The Leica Rugby Grade Lasers are automatic and self leveling for jobs of any size, large or small. They can be used for any application involving precise grade control.

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Leica Rugby 600 Series Lasers

Leica Rugby 600 series rotating lasers are designed to achieve any task in all construction applications. They level, align and square quicker than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime. These lasers are built to last on tough construction sites with a durable housing and IP67 protection, making them the most rugged and trusted choice for any job.

construction laser

Leica Rugby 800 Series Flat Lasers

Leica Rugby 810, 820, and 840 rotating lasers are more than just a product, they are an intelligent, versatile, clever solution that significantly enhance your application performance. The Rugby lasers are an integrated part of the Leica Geosystems intelligent Construction portfolio, providing a comprehensive solution for our customers.

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Leica Rugby 870 and 880 Grade Lasers

The new Leica Rugby 870 and 880 grade lasers extend the rugged Leica Rugby 800 series to provide contractors with the ultimate grade reliability and accuracy. The Rugby 870 and 880 are the only grade lasers in the market that guarantee continuous high laser accuracy, even under harsh site conditions. Carry out slope works efficiently with the intuitive interface and large display. For increased productivity use the axis alignment and smart targeting functions - let the laser do the job for you!

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Leica Rugby Rod Eye Receivers

Laser receivers quickly and easily detect laser planes when the laser beam is not visible. Not only do they detect the laser beam, they maximize performance of your Rugby laser and any construction laser on site. Work conveniently with Rugby lasers and Rod Eye receivers even at very long distances.