Software plays a critical role in handling and viewing high-definition point clouds effectively and aids in the speedy extraction of deliverables. The HDS Software Family's complete range of application-specific and industry-relevant modules has made working with point clouds easier and more efficient than ever before.

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Carlson Point Cloud

Carlson Point Cloud is a modular program that provides this powerful ability to go from field scan to finished plat, all with seamless integration to Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil and Carlson Mining. Carlson Point Cloud delivers a whole new level of powerful automation for large data sets. It gives laser scanner users the ability to process millions of data points with Carlson Software ease-of-use.

Register your scan to local coordinates, filter or decimate the points, overlay raster images in 3D, snap to edges and code the descriptions for automated field-to finish processing of linework and symbols and create contours, profiles, sections, and breaklines. You will be able to read scan data from many instruments, view and process up to 1 billion points, and then perform the Field-to-Finish from the scanned data! This Carlson Software office products allows users to export surface models, points, contours, breaklines, grid and profiles to CAD.

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Leica CloudWorx

Leica CloudWorx CAD plugins allow users to work efficiently with large point clouds directly inside their chosen CAD system. They can use the native CAD tools and commands and the entire set of specialised point cloud commands provided by CloudWorx.
The Leica CloudWorx plug-ins are available for a wide array of applications:

- Leica CloudWorx AutoCAD Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx MicroStation Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx Revit Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx SmartPlant 3D Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx SmartPlant Review Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx Navisworks Brochure
- Leica CloudWorx PDMS Brochure

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Leica Cyclone

Here's real-time kinematic GPS and total station data collection directly in CAD! Carlson Field enables real-time Surveying in CAD on small Palmtop/Laptop computers. This Carlson Field feature is an industry first from Carlson Software.

With this program, you can see what you are collecting, zoom in and out, or pan over. You can do any basic COGO operation and also any high-level CAD operation. You can even stakeout building corners, lot corners or any CAD feature by "snapping" to the CAD entity - without creating point numbers.

- Leica Cyclone REGISTER Brochure
- Leica Cyclone BASIC Brochure
- Leica Cyclone SURVEY Brochure
- Leica Cyclone MODEL Brochure
- Leica Cyclone IMPORTER Brochure
- Leica Cyclone SERVER Brochure
- Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER Brochure

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Leica JetStream

Does your organization have a need to, or are you already integrating the use of point cloud data into your productive CAD workflows? If so, you may have realized that some of the real world issues facing these implementations. Many systems do a poor job and even become nearly unusable as the huge data sets common with point clouds start to bog down the system. In addition the complexity of implementing and using point cloud data can be a real challenge for the CAD drafting teams. Leica JetStream is purpose built to solve all of these problems, like no other available solution.
The rendering performance and visual fidelity of JetStream with its instant loading, and all-the-points, all-the-time rending capability delivers like no other available built-in or add-on solution. This ensures an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and ultra-high productivity environment for all organizations utilizing point clouds in the CAD processes.

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Leica TruView

Does your organization utilize laser scan point clouds or plan to utilize point clouds as a part of your ongoing projects? If so you'll realize the value of being able to share that point cloud data with the widest possible audience of personnel who could benefit from that information but maybe don't have an in-depth CAD or 3D point cloud background or access to expensive software. Leica TruView Global makes it easy for anyone in your project eco-system to access, view, analyze and even create markups and collaborate using 3D point cloud data.