Technical Support

Our technical support team can be reached at 225-570-8268 or via email at

Our most important product at g360 is our exceptional service after the sale. We provide technical support to field personnel and office personnel for the life of the systems provided by g360. Our team has a combined 50 years of land surveying experience and we apply this knowledge to provide practical solutions and answers to our users.

g360 will provide initial training to the members of your staff of your company to make sure that production is constant and successful. We will train personnel on project sites or at company facilities so everyone on your team has a full understanding of the system. The goal of our support team is to build relationships with our clients and to make sure the production of the staff using our products will build quality data flow and increase production.

If you need help, please fill out the following request form and we will be in touch.

For immediate support, you may contact Leica Support at 1-800-327-4773